Welcome To OC’s Technical Library

"We want to make OC your one stop shop whether you're looking to buy or sell any vessel, book gardiennage, make maintenance management part of your boats life or just visit our site for technical information."


Here at OC we have built up a huge amount of experience and knowledge over our combined years. We're able to apply that knowledge and experience to everything we do on a daily basis to help our customers whether that be through our brokerage, gardiennage or maintenance management services.

From boat building and refits to maintenance, fault finding and repairs OC have a wide range of knowledge outside of our brokerage and gardiennage services. We don't just work with boats, outside of the office we can be found angling, diving, cruising or generally enjoying being at sea.

We have created this technical library to put all the informati…

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The Hunt for Lady Olive & The German Submarine

The Hunt for Lady Olive & The German Submarine Official Website "Four years in the making and finally after more than a 100 years, the truth of the prominent story is told." Dan, Ocean Cobra Limited

We at Ocean Cobra were absolutely thrilled and honoured to be a part of this special and incredible story. Over four years we participated in the discovery, diving and documenting of the famous WW1 battle between the Royal Navy 'Q' ship Lady Olive and the German Submarine UC18, the only instance ever recorded where both ships sunk each other. Using Ocean Cobra's very own Rodman 1250 El Barco along with another Rodman, the 1170 Mooi, we carried out long distance trips, offshore to carry out deep technical dives.

From start to finish the whole project involved Ocean Cobra assisting in technical, safety and support elements to ensure it's success. This is Ocean Cobra's first time partici…

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The Weakest Link

We've all heard the saying "A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link"


As much as we'd like it to, the weather doesn't always give flat calm seas and hot sunny days so taking advantage of carrying out some maintenance checks, is a great use of time, to save carrying out maintenance work or breakdowns when the weathers perfect and you want to be out at sea.

Checking the chain

Pulling out all your ground tackle, whether it be cable, chain or rope, might sound like a chore but it might save you the embarrassment when you're sat on the beach watching your pride and joy drift away because a chain link has snapped or a shackle has parted.

A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link so taking the time to check it will show any potential problems before they happen. There are generally two types of chain commonly used. Galva…

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Tips for selling your boat

"With people always wanting that boat that's a little bit bigger or faster or those that have made the decision to buy brand new, means there will always be a second hand market"

Prior to listing

If you're thinking of selling your boat there are some simple steps you can take prior to advertising it with us to ensure a smooth sale. Should you have any questions it's important not to hesitate to ask us. Our aim is to make the whole process as easy for you as possible.

Clean Make sure the exterior is clean. It maybe beneficial to also give the boat a polish and possible compound, if it requires it, especially prior to taking any photos. First impressions count and buyers will be put off seeing a boat that is green with algae, mildew and fungus. Boats that are kept presentable will attract a higher offer than those neglected. Ensure the interior …
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Diesel Bug

"Diesel bug maybe one of those phrases you've either never heard of or shrug it off, but it's a serious problem."

What is it?

If you haven't seen it before diesel bug has the appearance of a thick black sludge or black spots, which will be found near the bottom of diesel tanks and throughout the diesel fuel line system.  If you have a water trap with a clear bowl in the fuel system you will see the black sludge or spots in this glass bowl. As the name 'bug' suggests it is a microorganism which lives and grows in diesel, needing just a tiny amount of water to thrive.  Although water in fuel tanks presents its own risks and consequences, the diesel bug can survive just from the condensation in the tanks.  Once present in the tank it can spread rapidly and up the sides.  Requiring the heavier water to survive and feeding off the fuel explains why the d…

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