The Hunt for Lady Olive & The German Submarine

The Hunt for Lady Olive & The German Submarine

“Four years in the making and finally after more than a 100 years, the truth of the prominent story is told.” Dan, Ocean Cobra Limited

We at Ocean Cobra were absolutely thrilled and honoured to be a part of this special and incredible story. Over four years we participated in the discovery, diving and documenting of the famous WW1 battle between the Royal Navy ‘Q’ ship Lady Olive and the German Submarine UC18, the only instance ever recorded where both ships sunk each other. Using Ocean Cobra’s very own Rodman 1250 El Barco along with another Rodman, the 1170 Mooi, we carried out long distance trips, offshore to carry out deep technical dives.

From start to finish the whole project involved Ocean Cobra assisting in technical, safety and support elements to ensure it’s success. This is Ocean Cobra’s first time participating in a feature length documentary and we would like to take this opportunity to thank Karl Taylor for inviting us to be involved on the journey. The documentary will be distributed worldwide by and will be shown on the BBC and BBC iPlayer.

Dive Team and support crew, left to right: Dennis McKane, John-Paul Fallazie, Richard Keen, Nathan Martel, Mike Paige, Karl Taylor, Peter Frankland, Chris de Putron, Dan Smith, Martyn Smith.

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